Gifts and Good Cheer …

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and for those of you who find this time of year particularly hard, that you received plenty of loving support and inner peace.

I spent Christmas Day with my husband and my parents. We don’t have children of our own so on Boxing Day it was fun and games all the way with our two youngest nieces (both teenagers, so not so young anymore!) and merriment aplenty, not to mention fizz and choccies.

Santa was very kind to me this year and delivered several writerly presents; some with sentimental value, others more practical that will help spur me on to crack on with the sequel to my debut As Weekends Go, published earlier this month.

Here is a small selection …


A gift to treasure from my beautiful best friend Clare.


From Dave (Mr B) who knows I love a notebook – especially one as pretty as this!


To keep me inspired …


The sweetest, yummiest gift from Dave. (I haven’t got the heart to bite into it!)


Love Jan X


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  1. What lovely gifts. Wishing you a very happy new year, Jan and good luck with book 2. xx

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  2. Lovely gifts Jan. Two years ago June bought me marshmallows imprinted with the covers of my first two books. I haven;t got the heart to eat them, they’re so special. (Would probably die a horrible death now if I did eat them !! LOL) So thrilled that you have joined the writing fraternity.


  3. Lovely post, Jan! Happy New Year.
    Lots more exciting things are in store for you next year, I’m sure of it! xx


  4. Happy New Year Jan, special gifts mementos to treasure are just lovely. I’ve a collection of ‘Hearts’ to acknowledge my ‘Heartfelt Trilogy’ and my latest ‘Scandal of the Seahorse Hotel’ has inspired nearest and dearest to shower me with gifts all bearing seahorses, I’m so lucky.
    Looking forward to 2016, good luck with book number 2, it’s going to be brilliant, I just know it! X


    • Thank you, Ade. Happy New Year to you too. I can just imagine how lovely those heart and seahorse gifts of yours are. Treasured keepsakes for sure! Thanks for all your good wishes & support 🙂 Xx


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