As January ends …

Blimey, blink and you miss it sums up my January. I swear it was only a couple of days ago Mr B and I  saw in 2017 with our friends down the pub over a few glasses of fizz while the spectacular fireworks  lit up the London skyline on the TV behind us.

It’s been an up and down old month and although I’m pleased and relieved to have rediscovered my writing passion, I’m still behind where I wanted to be with Book 2 – my follow on from As Weekends Go. Life doesn’t always play ball, as they say, but I’m a huge believer in the ‘everything happens for a reason‘ theory and about the importance of timing, so on we go.

Having said  all that, any words on the page are better than nowt, so that has to be a positive and with each new chapter of Book 2 written, my excitement grows at the thought of submitting it and (fingers, toes and anything else crossable crossed) eventually seeing it side by side with my debut novel.

I had some lovely news from my publisher this month in that I and several other of my fellow Choc Lit authors had been selected for the Kobo UK New Voices in Fiction promotion. The effect on downloads had me jumping up and down. At its best As Weekends Go flew high at number 2 in Contemporary Romance, number 12 overall in Fiction & Literature.

Thank you, Kobo, Choc Lit and dear readers.




I’d joked with Mr B that I was going to run around the block in my sparkle boots to celebrate but then looked out of the window early that morning and saw this …


Maybe not …

I do love the snow but the ‘soft, thick easy to walk in‘ variety, not the ‘turns to ice the minute it hits the pavement‘ kind.


The famous sparkly boots!


January Reads 🙂 This terrific trio kept me thoroughly entertained.

One Dark Lie by Clare Chase – a mystery about the unexplained death of a Cambridge academic. Lots of secrets, action and a lovely dose of romance made this a top read for me.

Fur Coat & No Knickers  by Adrienne Vaughan – A fab selection of  engaging short stories, some adventurous, some romantic, some mysterious, all featuring characters who left me wanting more. Some great poetry included too.

Search Inside Yourself  by Chade-Meng Tan – I’m a big fan of mindfulness and meditation and anything that aids both mental and, in turn, physical wellbeing. I found this book both interesting and informative. Easy to follow too, unlike some mindfulness books that occasionally stray into the ‘too technical or scientific to fathom‘ bracket ( for me anyway!) Some good exercises to practice too.



Thank you, January!

Love Jan x



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  1. Love the boots, Jan!!
    Three great recommends for reads, too. (Really enjoyed Adrienne’s bijou mix of stories.)

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  2. Looking forward to winter being over I’m meeting up with you in London. Stay warm and free of germs until then. Congratulations on making number two in the Kobo charts. Only good thing about winter is that it keeps me indoors makes me work on #4!

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  3. Reblogged this on New Romantics Press and commented:
    Nice January post from Jan Brigden who kindly mentions Adrienne’s book of short stories among her January reads. Thanks Jan 😁 Congratulations on reaching number #2 in the Kobo charts.

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  4. Lovely blog Jan and yes where has January gone! Still love it for clearing the decks though ahead of what is going to be an amazing writing year for you! Huge congrats on Kobo success too, well deserved, I LOVE that book! 🙂

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  5. Loving the pink slipper boots, Jan! Glad book 2 is going well. xx

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  6. Many congratulations on the Kobo success, Jan and thank you so much for mentioning One Dark Lie here – I’m really thrilled that you enjoyed it! All the very best for book number two. I’m finding writing’s slow going at the moment as well!

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  7. I’ll echo Adrienne, where’s January gone?
    Congratulations for reaching number 2 in the Kobo chart, so deserved! I can’t wait to read the follow-up, you know how much I enjoyed As Weekends Go! I think another Choc Lit star has born! 😀

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  8. Fantastic Kobo news, Jan – woo hoo! And glad to hear you’ve got your writing mojo back and excited about submitting book 2. I’m reading Adrienne’s Fur Coat and No Knickers at the moment. Loving both poetry and short stories. : )

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  9. Those boots look super cosy, love the pictures, something about winter ❤ Those titles sounds interesting, haven't read any, will need to have a nosey


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    • Thanks for your lovely comments, Lainy. The boots have had a little rest this past week as it’s turned so much milder in the south east, but I’m not stashing them away just yet! 😉 X


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