As March marches off …

I’ve lost count of how many times over the past three months I’ve said the words, “I sound like a broken record”.  I mean, APRIL already? I adore Spring, the blossoms, the daffs, the start of lighter evenings, Easter weekend (plus the choccies, of course!) but seriously, wasn’t Christmas five minutes ago?


Anyway, welcome April.

Practically my whole family and a fair few friends have birthdays in March/April/May so I’ve been buying cards aplenty. We celebrated Mother’s Day too, not me personally, but with my lovely mum. Mr B and I de-camped to my parents place, bearing gifts, and we cooked a lovely roast beef dinner for mum and dad with all the trimmings. It was a beautifully warm day in south London and outside my parents kitchen door is a suntrap, so after our food fest we planted our seats and grabbed some much-needed rays (a bonus in March for sure!).

In other news, my lovely publisher Choc Lit announced they were going ‘on tour’ to do some Library events, starting with Exeter on the 8th of this month, with further days planned including one in Southampton Library  and one in Stockton. I will be attending the Southampton one along with several other members of Team Choc Lit, and am thoroughly looking forward to it. It’ll be great to meet readers and writers, all very informal and fun, so hopefully I will see some of you there.  On the day, there will even be a chance to pitch your manuscript to our editor/s. You can buy tickets in advance – more details here ~ CHOC LIT ON TOUR



Choc Lit also had a stand at this year’s London Book Fair and I couldn’t resist showing you a pic. Gloriously bright & welcoming, eh? They had sweets to dish out as well!



March Reads ~ A fab quartet of  books kept me thoroughly entertained , two of which are by my fellow Romaniacs bloggers and are yet-to-be-published and  completely different in genre, one a dark and brilliantly atmospheric and suspenseful tale, the other a delightful yarn that had me belly-laughing, the main character being a lady who will have you in stitches. You’ll love her!

The third story I read was Jane Lovering’s new book  Little Teashop of Horrors  I’m a massive fan of Jane’s writing and always feel as though I receive all the best elements a story can offer when I read her books;  loveable, relatable, quirky characters, laughs aplenty, fab settings and thought-provoking themes. Bravo, Jane! Another winner, I’m sure.

The fourth book I had my nose buried in during March was The Forest for the Trees by Betsy Lerner, a must-read for any budding authors out there. I’d initially consulted it when I was on draft three of As Weekends Go. What I love about this book is the way Betsy gets right to the heart of all those doubts and fears you have about your writing. Every question answered in such detail and with such care, from submitting your manuscript right through to the editing stage and beyond. A really well written reference book, with lots of entertaining stories and anecdotes thrown in.


Thank you, March!

Love Jan X



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  1. Lovely to read and I can relate to the birthday thing….May and October are the expensive months in our family. Lots of them…and I mean lots. Glad you are enjoying your reading. My TBR pile is growing faster than I can read. I wish I could read them all asap but I fear the authors awaiting my thoughts are in for a long wait. Getting there, but slowly. So impressed with you reading list. Thanks for this. 🙂

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  2. Thank you, Jane. So pleased you enjoyed reading it. Fully understand re that TBR pile. I’ve a fair few to still get through myself. Really appreciate your lovely comments 🙂 X


  3. Fab read Jan, really enjoyed chuffing through March with you, very impressed with your reading programme, good work, I have to say Jane Lovering’s is on my list too, I love her books … and how fab does the book tour sound, wish I was closer! Have a great April and see you soon. X

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  4. Like you, I can’t quite believe that we are in April already. I crammed so much into March that I’m surprised that I’m still standing. Sounds you had a similar month Jan. I’m reading three books at the moment: Jane’s latest, Jilly Cooper’s and Holy Island by LJ Ross. Something for every mood. Keep up the hard work and have a chocolate egg for me.

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    • Yes, busy bees is an understatement, Lizzie. Great news that you new book will shortly be out there for us all to devour. Oh, and I will be sure to save you an egg! Thanks so much for your comments 😉 X

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  5. Lovely post, Jan! I know it’s a cliche, but the older a person gets, the faster time flies by!
    Interesting book list. So important to keep up the input (as well as output) when you’re writing. Looking forward to your next one, Jan. (No pressure, I’m a winner in the tortoise stakes!)

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    • Time certainly does fly, June. I always say to Dave when we’re putting the Christmas decorations back up in the loft after the festivities, “won’t be long before they’re back down again!” and we always laugh when that time comes as it’s crazy how quickly the year has gone. Thanks for your lovely comments. 🙂 X


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