August Round-up ~ News, views & Reviews

Pondering. I love that word. August saw me doing my fair share of it too; thinking about what’s really important to me, how I’ve changed and about certain things I’ve shied away from facing up to. All sounds a bit deep, I know, but it’s put a few things into perspective.


It’s been a real family & friends month which has helped – various celebrations from birthdays to anniversaries to retirement cheer.

We had a lovely Mum & daughters lunch –  my two sisters and I took Mum to a local carvery (cracking roast potatoes!) and laughed and chatted about things you might not otherwise get around to discussing in a bigger gathering. I’ve always been more of a 1-2-1 or small groups person, so really treasure these times. We have Dad/daughters lunches too (in case you thought we leave him out – bless him!).

I also met up with my youngest niece for a bite to eat and a chat which was lovely. Again, it brought home how fast the years have flown. I still think of Jess as being the age in the photo on the left. Instead of that she’s about to head off to college.


A family gardening day at Mum and Dad’s mid-month was a roaring success (if I do say so myself!) although my marathon weeding stint did leave me walking like a robot for two days. My chest muscles just about recovered for the Bank Holiday weekend, which saw us all gather together once again, along with some family friends, at my older sister’s house. Blue sky and sunshine meant we could spill out into the garden. With food aplenty and Sangria on tap, a good time was had by all.

I featured on two fab blogs in August, firstly as a guest of Louise Ross (L.J. Ross) author of the international bestselling series of  DCI Ryan mystery novels, who, via her LoveSuspense blog,  introduces authors in various genres. Here I am ~ LJ Ross Q&A 

Secondly, I’m proud to say I now also appear in the  Books in Handbags Gallery  which is one of several superb features on Jessie Cahalin’s gem of a website ~ JessieCahalin   Jessie is super-supportive of other authors and I’m delighted to be included.



Still badgering away with my sequel/standalone. I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with it and have been sad and disappointed with myself that it’s taking me this long, but I feel re-connected with it and really want to finish it and submit it. I’m enjoying spending time with my characters again and meeting some new ones (good and naughty!). I’m also really excited as Dave and I are off to York for the day in December (promo train tickets – absolute bargain!) As you know, York’s the main setting in As Weekends Go and a city I adore, so I can’t wait to get back there – especially as all the Christmas lights will be up and twinkling.  VISIT YORK

Blooms of the month continue with the gladioli theme (or glads as I call them!) I think I’ve bought them in every colour this year.

Get a look at these beauties.


The month ended on a high note when I found out I’d won a bundle of Edinburgh book festival goodies put together by Kelly of  LoveBooksGroupBlog and Joanne of  PortobelloBookBlog  Needless to say there will be photos to follow.  Thank you, ladies. So thrilled to have won. 🙂

I only managed to read one book this month but boy was it well-timed. Shelley Wilson’s How I Changed My Life in a Year –  is an inspiring, motivational, entertaining, sometimes poignant, sometimes comical, month-by-month account of how, having reached a crossroads in her life where she knew she had to make some changes,  Shelley set herself twelve challenges over a year. This variety of challenges included everything from getting fitter to learning new creative tasks to facing her fears. I dipped in and out of the book with ease and it certainly left an impression on me. Well written and thoroughly engaging. An absolute pleasure to read.




Before I go, look at this gorgeous sunset I snapped earlier this week …


Much love,

Jan  X








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  1. Don’t feel bad about taking time with your second book! It’s worth getting it how you want it. I find everything (except weekends and holidays 😉 ) takes longer than I think it will.

    And congrats on winning the EBF goodies! 🙂 xx

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  2. This book writing lark is hard (!) You’ll get there in the end, I know you will. I for one am looking forward to your next book. The summer’s over and I’m revisiting a ms I started a few years back and which I promised my friend in America that I would write. It’s set in Wisconsin where she lives and we visited there for five weeks many years ago. I didn’t want to come home … so Scotland is going on the back burner while I finish this one. It also had a great critique as part of the NWS and I’m taking on board what the reader said. A rest is as good as a change, right. Congrats on winning your bag of goodies, and all the publicity you and your books are receiving.

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  3. Lovely end-of-summer post, Jan. It’s somehow. always a bittersweet time, but sounds as if there’s lots to look forward to. (I totally empathise with your second-book-sag! I’ve found a couple of Shelley’s books really helpful, too.)

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    • Thanks, June. It’s crazy to think we’re in autumn already. Not that I don’t love autumn, all the gorgeous rich deep colours, etc, it’s just come around so fast. Appreciate your lovely words of support 🙂 Xx


  4. I’ve just got back from a weekend away so sorry for the delay in commenting. Thank you so much for choosing my book and I’m delighted that you enjoyed it! 🙂

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  5. No need for apology at all, Shelley. It was a pleasure to read your book and I took great inspiration from it. Thank you for your lovely comments 🙂 Xx


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