How my dental visits fixed my teeth and my plot holes!

I’m off to the dentist this week which as nice, patient and caring as he is,  doesn’t exactly make me want to grab my maracas and samba down the high street (this being the fifth of six visits –  broken tooth, root canal treatment and a crown refitted – Oh joy!).

On the flip side, though, my weekly travels to and from the surgery have also helped solve a sub-plot issue in the next book I’m writing. One of my characters wasn’t fully conveying the depth of his shock enough to move the story forward. Something was missing.

Well, bus journeys in my neck of the woods are rarely quiet affairs. Being a writer who is never without her trusty notebook and pen, my ears are treated to all manner of *ahem* lively conversations, one of which, last week, almost made me lean across the aisle and high five the poor woman in question. Her reaction both physically and verbally to her friend’s bombshell news was precisely the emotional ‘oomph’ I wanted from my fictional scenario.

More body language. That’s what my main man needed!

Yes, I felt nosey (although in my defence, this person on the bus was hardly whispering!) but my overriding feeling was gratitude and the realisation that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, where storytelling is concerned, observation is key.

My smile was as wide as this when I reached the dentist!


VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Teeth ready and raring!


I’m guessing some of you must have had similar experiences?

Do tell …


Love Jan X


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  1. You never know when inspiration will strike – pleased to hear your teeth and your plot are both in excellent shape now!


  2. Oh poor you, Jan, with all that horrible dental work. Glad that it had a bit of an upside!
    (I did hear the start of a pearler of a story at the cheese counter in Sainsburys recently – but I was served first, so that put an end to it.)


  3. Loving this story, Jan. I’m a fellow sufferer of dental dramas and spend a lot of time on the bus to and from Oxford – which is when I get some great lightbulb moments, often courtesy of overheard vignettes. Recent one I heard was ‘I told him he can keep his hands to himself when it’s shepherd’s pie on a Tuesday,’ The mind duly boggled…
    Glad you’ve got your dental woes sorted. You’ve been very brave. x


    • Oh that did make me smile, Gabrielle. What a story you could make of that. I’m already pondering the reasons. When I have shepherd’s pie later this week, I’ll be laughing to myself now. Thanks for commenting! 🙂 X


  4. When I worked at a further education college, I used to hear some rather interesting stories via staff and students which would make great reference for a YA book. Some of them, though you literally couldn’t write as they would be unbelievable.

    Hope the dental trips continue to be fruitful!


  5. Six visits! That’s quite a dental ordeal, Jan! Glad it’s helped solve your plot problem, though, at least that’s some comfort! 🙂 xx


  6. Thank you, Elle. Yes, always an upside, as they say! 😀 X


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