As May meets June …

May’s a month of merriment in our family. Birthdays galore. My niece, my brother-in-law, my nephew’s girlfriend, and last but most definitely not least, lovely Mr B, who’s never been one for fuss and fanfare around his special day, but I still spoil him!

It fell on a Friday this year and our original plan to go out for some tapas at a nearby restaurant fell flat when he didn’t arrive home from work until later than planned.

So … we had a takeaway and a bottle of fizz instead, both of which were delicious 🙂


IMG_0979 (1)

Happy Birthday, Mr B!

May also welcomed two new arrivals at Brigden Towers. No, not those sort of new arrivals … a nice new matching two-seater sofa & sofa bed. Our old ones, bless them, were so creaky and sunken,  you needed a stepladder to climb out!

They did us proud, but as the old saying goes, all good things come to an end.

Here’s a pic of the replacements.



Amidst all the birthdays and sofa deliveries, I gave my first author talk this month as part of a panel on behalf of our publisher Choc Lit who are touring various libraries across the country. I hardly slept the two nights beforehand, I was so nervous, but am happy to report that all went well, mainly thanks to the love & support and encouraging words from Mr B, my family and friends. I wrote a detailed post for our Romaniacs blog Life Cycle of a Writer feature which is here, should you fancy a read ~ The jitters and joys of my first author talk

Here’s a snapshot of our afternoon in pictures. We were in Southampton and had a great audience. Plenty of chocolates too! 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also featured on two blogs in May, one was a Q&A post with lovely Kelly Lacey of Love Books Group which you can read here ~ Q&A LOVEBOOKSGROUP

The other fab blog I appeared on was Annette Hannah’s Sincerely Book Angels. She has a great feature called My Favourite Things. Here are mine ~ My Favourite Things

I’ve been working hard on my sequel to As Weekends Go, so didn’t manage much reading in May. I have, however, just started reading independent author Lizzie Lamb’s new book entitled Girl in the Castle. I’m a huge fan of Lizzie’s writing and am happy to report that I’m six chapters in and thoroughly enjoying it. I shall give more details in my next update!



Much love to you all.

Jan  X

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  1. You’ve been really busy Jan, go you. I love May/June – the light nights, the feeling of optimism engendetred when flowers and trees are in full bloom. You know I’m a history nerd so I always think of Charles II being restored to the throne in May 1660 – what a day that must have been. Ok, enough already! Thanks for the shout out for Girl in the Castle, we’ve been on this crazy whirlwind journey to becoming published authors together and I am ever mindful of your help and support. Sending a virtual packet of GIANT chocolate buttons your way . . . Cadbury’s, of course.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I know exactly what you mean re the full blooms and light evenings, Lizzie. And we have the whole Summer to come 🙂 Chocolate buttons much appreciated. You know me so well! Thanks to you too for all your unwavering support. Xx


  2. Love your blog posts, Jan – it’s always so nice to hear your news.
    I’m looking forward to your As Weekends Go sequel. It was a smashing read.
    I finished Lizzie’s new book, a few weeks ago – magical setting, great characters, as ever a real page turner!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your lovely comments, June. I think I will conga down the street when this sequel is finally ready to submit. Very much a love/loathe relationship with it at the moment. Determined to push on, though, as overall I’m pleased with its progress. I’m glad I have Lizzie’s book to relax with! 🙂 Xx

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  3. Fab blog post, Jan! What exciting news you have, well done on all fronts, especially on the sequel of As Weekends Go! You know I am so looking forward to reading it!
    I loved Lizzie’s book so much I read it twice already (I wanted to learn a few Gaelic words, but apparently I only caught up with lowland slang LOL).
    Isa xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Isabella! 🙂 Your encouraging words are so supportive. I’m learning quite a few new words and phrases with Lizzie’s new one. Her writing never fails to make me smile Xx


  4. Oh Briggers, what a smashing month for you!

    I do love a sofa bed … and have plans to turn Mr V’s ‘changing room’ he still think he’s playing rugby for the school, into a ‘clubby studio’ for guests with … you’ve guessed it a SOFA BED! I’ll keep you posted.

    I totally loved Girl in the Castle by our great mate and superb writer Lizzie Lamb. The romance was exquisite and the mystical Highland setting, perfect for an escape any time.

    Loved news of your writer event, go you! And really looking forward to your next book … no pressure.

    Masses of love Ade X

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